Wednesday, May 24, 2006


So it's been what, a month since my last entry? Close enough. Anyways. What have I been up to?

I've created a nearly complete game.

It's quite a shock, thinking about it... this is the most complete game I've made since I started this blog. Man, I've been in a RUT. I promise, however, that I'll be cracking down over the summer.
But I digress. Let us get to the MEAT of today's entry.

Zi v0.82b

I mentioned this briefly in my last entry, back when it didn't even have a finalized name. Now it's nearly a finalized game.
Zi is, like many of the great games of my generation, about colored blocks. You move the blocks around, then you click on them to make magical things happen. Let the screen fill up and you die. I'm being vague, but It really shouldn't take much more than a few seconds of experimentation to figure out the basics of how the game works. Play Classic before Trendy.

Zi is very much a game about getting points. Since the game never ends, it more or less has to be, unless I go into the Pretentious Artsy Games field. Or the Sims. The scoring system is described in some detail in the readme, but the general core of it is destroying lots of small groups of blocks in rapid succession, then destroying one big group for massive score. It's not the only way to play, but it works well for me.

Next week I'll post again after I finish my next class assignment (Zi was for my Game Programming class, it's due friday). It'll be a text adventure!

I'm not going to talk too much this time. Play the damn game!