Sunday, November 20, 2005


Due to the scheduling difficulties of the holiday season, NaViGaWriMo is being moved from December to January.

You won't hear much more from me until new year's. Maybe 1-2 posts.

That is all.


Kirsten P. said...


Rowan said...

Cheater indeed. This was just getting interesting. Jerk.


Hi! How are you? It's about time I see what the fuss is all about. Gamers are so funny to listen to sometimes.

And my only piece of imput that might be remotely useful is that I think you should incorperate saving cats from trees in that game you were plotting, one way or another. Bonus level, maybe?

Alan Gordon said...

Hey now. If I'm going to get lots of people involved in this in future years, I can't overlap it with one of the BUSIEST TIMES OF THE YEAR, in terms of family bustle. Stupid christmas.

There will certainly be cats in the game, and the cats will be saved. Trees, on the other hand, are very hard to implement. I'd need to have a somewhat interesting mechanic for tree climbing, and I'd also need to find a way to DRAW the trees. Trees are complex-looking buggers. So, at least for a one-month project, the cats will have to stay indoors. Or maybe on the roof.

Kirsten P. said...

If ANY CATS DIE in this game we will shoot you.

Alan Gordon said...

Whether or not the cats die will depend on YOU, Kirsten. YOU.

skinny coder said...

That really takes the stress off of everyone else playing the game at least!

12 People Saved!
4 Cats Rescued!

5825 Points!!
Rank F+

Kirsten P. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kirsten P. said...

Whoa, I removed my own post.

I forget what it said anyway.

Something about how cats are delicious.

Alan Gordon said...

A day seldom passes in which you fail to frighten me.

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