Tuesday, July 03, 2007

He Delivers, Folks

Vertical Challenge v0.1a

Wow, that was fast!
Things of note:
-The yellow diamonds are your targets. You must collect every one to win.
-The game is a little frustrating at this stage. Next version will have checkpoint blocks, although I'm not sure how to tie in the whole speedrunning aspect with that.
-It looks good! New block graphics by Select Button's MrBusiness.


Peter Bradshaw said...

I can't seem to get the hang of the wall jumping. I get pushed out more than I can get back in, so end up lower that where I started.

Did I miss something?

Alan Gordon said...

Press a direction and X for a grappling hook.

Peter Bradshaw said...

Ahh that makes sense. I'm still not very good at it, but it's fun.

Thanks for the hint.

I Like Pi said...

I liked the original better, but now it's not working. It says that SDL.dll cannot be found, even though it's in the same folder.

Jacob said...

Hey just wanted to say I really enjoyed Zombie City Tactics, even though it was very tough on some levels. Would love to see you do more with that game or another puzzle / turn-based game.


Jacob said...

Alan, can you help me out? I'm trying to decipher the ZCT editor and I have most of it but I am still lost with the part beneath the map where it lists the units in play at start. I know the first line is the total number of units but the series of numbers that are given for each unit confuse me because they seem to change in a pattern I have yet to decipher.
I know the given unit's X and Y coordinates are two of the four lines generated but the other two seem to change randomly. I thought one might be the unit's number out of the total and another might be which team the unit is on (player or enemy) but neither seems to be the case. Help is greatly appreciated! =)

Alan Gordon said...

The third line indicates the initial rotation of the unit in 45 degree increments, and the fourth line indicates the unit type.

Jacob said...

ahhhh thank you much! That third line had me totally confused :D

Jacob said...

okay last question: Is it possible to adjust the max energy percentage a map allows the player to store, or is this part of the .exe?

That and the number of maps needed to unlock the next row of maps are the two variables I don't see stored in the .dats. =)

Alan Gordon said...

Max energy is 100 + 5 for each player-controlled tower. This is immutable.

As for the number of stage clears to unlock a row, that's hard-coded. If I ever go back to that project, I'll niceify up a lot of things, and maybe package the editor program with it.

Jacob said...

cool. as spare time permits I'm trying to create some new maps. if eventually you do get back to ZCT and up the limit so user-created maps don't have to replace the stock 110, that would be neat.
Maybe then folks can pool together to create another set of maps from user submissions as a second campaign. =)

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