Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A rough start

So this crash-before-it-starts bug. I have looked into it intensively, used every potentially helpful feature of the debugger, and determined it to be
The problem can't be in my code. The program self-destructs before it even reaches my code. My compiler must be doing something... or something. Whatever it is, I can't fix it. So, I'm starting over. From scratch. day 4, zero progress has been made.

On top of this, it turns out I have a hell of a workload this quarter. I don't know how I'm gonna balance this and schoolwork... I may not be able to get done by the deadline. If there's no avoiding this, then I WILL continue to work on the game until either it's released, or I declare it a lost cause. I can only hope that the month gets better from here.


skinny coder said...


Well, that's not a very fun beginning. About as great as mine.

Due to being terribly ill for the first few days of January, I too will be beginning late. Hopefully tomorrow I will get to code and art and that other fun stuff.

Here's to better luck during the rest of the month!

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